Sunday, December 6, 2009

Packed Static Class 2 Wormholes

Now that I have finally landed in a W-space system that has a recurring C2, I can say that "I never knew it could be this good". Lol. Still wishing it was a recurring C3, but beggars can't be choosers.

I am used to skipping from system to system, trying, but never finding these precious and elusive systems with static/recurring exit(s) to juicy systems.

I have been mostly getting occupied and/or farmed static systems, but one such (packed) sytem spawned early Saturday and I took full advantage over the weekend, clearing the Radar and Mag sites, some of the other sleeper sites, and several ladar sites. Net yield: 590M ISK, plus I am again stocked up on hybrid reaction gases. This type of "adjoining system farming" takes a little more attention, as you need to stay on top of the mass restriction and expiration timeline for your exit as you march back and forth.

The POS home system continues to be a "quiet" system, with the recurring LowSec exits occuring in deep lowsec, so not as much traffic, but also means less frequent and longer runs to market.

That being said, it dawns on me that I have not named this POS or system - going to have to put some thought into that - any input from the readers?

Oh, an obligatory statement: This post created from the new IGB... I dig it.

Fly Safe!


  1. By deep low sec, are you referring to places like Derelik, Kor-Azor, and Aridia? Because our wormhole's static low sec opening initially seemed to connect to systems that varied widely across regions and then settled into a pretty steady offering of far-flung very unpopulated low sec systems in those places. In fact, once we noticed that pattern it seemed that new openings would spawn that were only a handful of jumps from the previous opening. We wondered if this wasn't a built-in "feature" intended to encourage more traffic into those areas.

  2. Yes exactly, such as Molden Heath for me - nearly all respawns of my static LowSec have been within 10 jumps of each other, so yes a clear match with your findings.

    The non-static "inbound" K162 WH's appear to be truly random, from deep NullSec to Jita. No trend that I could see on non-static WH's.

  3. Don't call it Milliways, i already called dibs on that for OUR pos.

  4. Hahah - OK, that was on the short-list, but for you I will make an exception.