Friday, December 4, 2009

On to Mining...

Processed all I had on hand for Hybrid Reactions, cleared the handful of sleeper site respawns (2 radar, 2 SDS), and made a market run. Cleared 650M ISK thus far with this POS deployment, which includes the sleeper loot and 90,000 units of Fulleroferrocene.

I am going to jump out and pick up a pair of mining barges to replace my Rokh and Domi refits for mining and take a shot at clearing the Grav Sites, especially the ABC (Arkonor, Bistot, and Crokite).

Fly Safe!


  1. How often do you get attacked by players when out mining?

  2. Just remember, depending on your skills and modules, you might get a better yield from the battleships. Unless you meant Exhumer instead of Mining Barge, then nevermind.

  3. We use Covetor's instead of Hulks..based on todays prices and the risk of getting destroyed its alot easier to swallow 20 ml vs 160 mil