Monday, December 7, 2009

Unexceptional Frontier Deposit

OK, there was a good comment string started in my last post regarding the value of the Grav sites in W-space. I finally got around to actually taking an inventory of the two current Grav sites in my C2, with some interesting findings.

NOTE: This is specific to my current Class 2 Unexceptional Frontier Deposit site, so results may vary. This is also a snapshot in time on Jita prices, which are obviously subject to change.

The summary is: This Grav site, if fully mined, would produce just over 515M ISK of raw ores, or roughly 529M ISK of refined minerals (assumes 100% refine). As I mentioned in prior posts, the larger issue is transporting the ore out. With more than 3.2M m3 of cargo required, we are talking serious hauling. I suppose the option is to refine locally and face the POS refining penalty, or somehow get a mighty Rorqual in there (with only 300 days of dedicated skill training!).

Here is a look at the counts by ore type, their respective yields, and their cargo requirements:

So, if you were able to get it out of W-space, there is considerable ISK in these Grav Sites. I have 5 of these sites in my current system, but logistics is the main deterrent. Similar inventory efforts on C3-C5 sites, I am sure, would turn up huge jumps in ore amounts, but still the same logistics problem.

Would love to hear from any W-space miners on how you are working the logistics issue...

Fly Safe!


  1. Since you asked on the logistics...

    First of all the sites are the same in every wormhole, including our Class 6 - if you spot an Unexceptional or Average etc it's the same composition and same rats.

    Currently we have about 8 corp hangar arrays dedicated to store ore and gasses and 2 intensive refining arrays to process that ore.

    We use the ore mainly for Capital and BS construction so we rarely go for the arkonor and the other expensive ores first. Pyerite is the mineral we are missing out on mostly.

    We use an Orca during mining Ops but still we are not satisfied. My alt is training for a Rorqual and needs about 30 days to complete the training (no idea when we'll gather the minerals to build one though) but once we'll do we will be able to compress and take outside to refine at least the precious ones.

    Also what is to note, is that the ores within a C2 are more than enough to support your Hybrid Reactions, Ammo and Drone production, as well as the occasional Battleship construction.

    There are rumors of Grav sites in a Class 6 that would take no less than 20 Hulks working overtime till it despawns to mine it all, but we haven't seen one of those yet.

    In any case, the logistics are a pain, but if you want to produce ships inside a wormhole like we do, refining them inside the POS is what you must do if you don't sport a Rorqual.

  2. We refine on site with an intensive array, we lose quite a bit on the value but it's still far more than we could dream of getting in high or even lowsec with a 100% refine. The biggest problem is storing it all while we wait the 3 hours it takes to grind a 200,000M3 batch down.

  3. The Space Crickets just left W-space for awhile... we're not spending enough time in-game to warrant the fuel costs of the POS, sadly. Still plan to scout out holes from high-/low-sec and run sites in unoccupied w-space tho.

    Good call on the third alt - we each had one that perma-resided at the pos, too, Just In Case.

    I have a Rorqual - if you have a static low-sec that's reasonably accessible from time to time, I'd be happy to work out a hauling arrangement with you. We could have a pretty good escort for it - Falcon, heavy assault ships and whatnot - but I'd prefer not to jump into occupied zero space, if possible. She's pricey. ;-)

  4. Quiv - Yeah, you probably missed my reference to hybrid reactions - trivial amount of ore needed there.

    I can definitely see how you can use the ores and refine locally for production. But for those who are not building ships, logistics in terms of making W-space mining profitable, which requires transport out.

    So far the only thing we have heard is local refining and Rorqual. Obvious the Rorqual is way out of reach for most, so that leaves local refining. Intensive Refining Array is still at a 25% refine reduction, but with the greater capacity, having two running at all times could get you there...

    Anon - in terms of storage - I saw an interesting post the other day, where the W-space miner was using a capital ship assembly array for ore storage (not production) instead of multiple corp hangars?

  5. Erin - good luck with the day-tripping.

    Wow, a Rorqual sitting idle - that is trippy. I would definitely not want to be the one responsible for trucking that beast around, even with scouts ;-)

  6. Also a recent comment on using X-Large assembly array instead of multiple corp hangars for ore storage.

  7. It looks like it would take close to 90 Itty V trips to haul all that ore out. whereas if you refine in the hole, you could truck it out with 2 maybe 3 Itty Vs.

  8. oh yeah forgot to mention that the Xlarge array we got is also used for massive ore storage if needed - and I believe it's worth having if you want efficient and easy to manage instead of multiple corp hangar arrays!

  9. Also, this is the "Base" field. There is always a chance of more roids spawn over the life of the belt.

    I have had a second Crokite spawn a few times in this belt field.


  10. Ok just a few pointers from an experienced WH Grav site miner. For storage don't use Corp Hangers, they are too small and you need too many, use instead an X-Large Ship assembly array, it has a massive 18.5mil M3 storage and also has the split hangers. when it comes to logistics, you need a Rorq, the ore needs to be compressed for storage and also for refining. the Hi-ends you should transport out and refine for 100% in hi-sec and then sell, the rest you can refine as compressed, this enables you to refine vast ammounts of ore in a short time.