Friday, December 18, 2009

Reverse Engineering

Within the last few months, I have seen my experience broaden to include POS management, mining, reactions, and manufacturing. It reminds me about just how massive a game EVE is, and I can understand how and why people continue to stay engaged with the game - there is seemingly no end to what you can do.

I am nearly set for my Reverse Engineering skill training. I am a big believer in not even getting into a particular function unless I am nearly max-skilled for it, so I am waiting to complete Level 4 on the few remaining skills that are not already at 5 before I begin. It has been widely reported that reverse engineering success rate is factored upon skill levels.

I am going to stay quiet on what I am building for now, but really enjoying the excitement that comes with exploring new facets of Eve, this time being research and manufacturing.

It has been interesting retaining all of my sleeper loot for production rather than running it to market for the quick profits, but now that I have completed my T3 production spreadsheets (Excel in space!), it was good to see there is good margin to be made making all (ok, most) levels/types of T3 components. I am sitting on over a billion ISK worth of loot in preparation for T3 production. Anticipation...

One issue with Reverse Engineering is that you randomly get the subsystem BPC upon success. In other words, although I can choose which subsystem type (offensive, defensive, etc.) to reverse engineer, I cannot choose the explicit subsystem to target for reverse engineering. Since some subsystems are clearly not worth manufacturing, it falls to chance that you get the subsystem(s) BPC that you actually want. This is considered part of the game, so most of the calculations on market margin for subsystems has to factor in "wastage" in the form of BPC's that you do not want/need. However, with the bulk of the cost in production, not invention, this is not the primary factor in T3 manufacturing.

Off to get my Zephyr(s)!

Safe Flying!


  1. First off, if you get a Zephyr, don't fly it in open space. They're being slaughtered right now, my corp (Suddenly Ninjas) has killed over 70 just ourselves.

    Now a little more on topic, and sort of not. My other corp is living in a C6 with two C6 statics. Sometimes we end up with a K162 WH instead of a regular one. My corp is split on what that means. Some say it means that someone else found a wormhole, and that their finding it spawned our end that became K162. The rest of us think that both ends area always open to be found, and that whichever is found first, the other becomes K162.

    So basically, does a K162 spawn when the other is found? Or are both ends of the WH always open and the names are assigned depending on which is found first?

  2. Tolrok - This is the first I have heard of a static exit appearing as a K162. I have never, ever seen this happen. How sure are you that BOTH of the C6 exits are static? Typically (if there are) multiple statics are to different classes, at least from what I have seen.

    If you have truly confirmed that both are static, then that really only does leave one conclusion, which is the latter (open on both ends, whoever gets there first) model.

  3. Oh and duly noted - the Zephyrs stay in the Hangar for now. ;-)

  4. Man, just when I think I know what the K162 designation means someone throws a wrench in it. In my 2 months of WH experience I have not run into a K162 that has not been enterred from the other side by someone else. Just my experience. I too, have never heard of a static K162

  5. @ Thomasale
    K162 does exist before someone jumps through it from the other side

    i live in a wh and sometimes people come in before anything jumps out from our wh
    i dont know exactly when the k162 exit spawns
    latest theory in our corp is that is spawns when someone lands on the grid with the entrance side of the wh (the static one)