Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wormhole Respawning

I am about half-way through my vacation, and although I am not able to log real play time, I am checking in daily to check on my POS and to run a 64AU combat scan. Two pieces of good news:
  1. Literally no traffic to my W-space system (every time I login, I get the CCP message stating my system has not been loaded yet, indicating I am the first entrant to the system since downtime)
  2. I now have 2 Mag, 1 Radar, 2 Grav and 8 Sleeper sites in my system. I had none of these a few days ago. Makes me wonder if not farming the system increases the respawn rate.
Hope everyone is having a great Holiday! Off to see a few movies, including Sherlock Holmes and Avatar...

Fly Safe!


  1. I wish our C3 respawned that often. I am lucky to get a new spawn each day.

  2. Yeah, before I left (i.e. in the last few weeks) the respawn rate has been highly variable, from no respawns to a max of 4 after DT. I am a firm believer in the respawn "system cluster" model, where surrounding W-space systems need to be actively farmed to generate broad respawns and a steady respawn rate. With so many of my static C2's populated and active, I generally get decent respawns. I am also beginning to wonder if, by NOT clearing my system over the past week or so, it is somehow affecting respawn rate. Others have commented that after months of W-space life, they have learned to never "bottom-out" their local system.

  3. Well now that I am established in my Class 2 I will be interested to see what happens with the spawns. I am starting to track the spawn date and site type in a log and will look to see what happens.

    I know so far the signatures are hanging around a lot longer then I expected. I did my initial scans of the system and bookmarking on 12/20. As of last night (12/27) there were still at least 6 signatures still present from that initial scan. I have cleared one grav site of the ABC's (comman site) and it is still there a day later. I cleared a Radar site last night so assume it will be gone.

    Have not started on the ladar sites as I dont have reactor yet.

    Overall I am surprised how long they are staying around untouched. I am encouraged that I was able to solo the radar as that will probably be the first things I run in any adjoining systems I explore.

    Fly Safe,

  4. Question Star,
    I have been reading up to see about setting up a POS in WH space and I keep hearing you refer to them as C2 and C3. What are those exactly, and how high do they go?
    Sorry for the noob question.

  5. Mick - good to hear about the site persistence. That reflects what most people have reported and what I have seen: sites left untouched will remain in-system for a long time before despawning. Yep, the typical C2 Radar site, such as the Unsecured Perimeter Transponder Farm, are definitely solo-able as long as you follow the spawn triggers correctly.

    Anon - "C2" refers to a "Class 2 Wormhole Space System", with Wormhole systems ranging from Class 1 (easiest) to Class 6 (hardest). So, a "POS in a C2 with a static C3" refers to maintaining a POS in a Class 2 Wormhole system with a recurring WH exit to an adjoining Class 3 WH system.

    Check out the upper-right links, specifically the "WH Information" and "eWormhole" links.

    Best of luck!

  6. The back and forth on WH on this blog post and comments really makes me want to get out there in WH space.

    Alas ... 1 step at a time, can't rush it. But dang -- eventually I want a piece of the action.

  7. Alright Star, I need to pick your brain some more.
    So here goes. Aside from defense (which I plan on deathstaring), what do I need to bring in for my POS.
    Are ship arrays a must (and I am talking about replacing ships I or my friends might lose). Ammo arrays?
    If we are bringing in an orca and a Freightor/industrial as full as we can get them, what can I live without, and what do I positively have to bring in (with the thought I might not get to high sec for a week or two).

  8. I am having another interesting situation.

    The two "unknown" signatures in my system have not moved in several days. These are my two static wormholes. One should be 24 hours life (A239) and the other should be 16 hours (D382). I have not landed on the grid for either of them and they both have not expired since early on the 26th. I landed on both last night so I had to end the expirement. I know there was a crash on the 27th, but even 24 hours later on the 28th they had not moved.

    I landed on the A239 and the show info indicated it was new and should last more then a day. Wonder if the wormhole timer does not start till someone lands on the grid?


  9. Mick, that is very interesting indeed. I will endeavor to repeat that experiment when I return tomorrow. This does conflict somewhat with my experiences where my first trip on-grid would show the WH near collapse on the timer. Could be that in those cases I was not the first to grid, but... I will try to repeat your findings.

    Anon - I guess my first comment is that you can almost always find a good exit to HighSec, whether it be from your local system or spanning adjoining systems to find one. This is how I refuel the POS - since I have no static HighSec, I can typically find a HighSec exit via the adjoining C2 or it's respective adjoining systems. I have had to span 3 or more W-space systems before, but you can get the highsec exit if you really need it. As such, my advice is to try not to think about it as some type of Robinson Crusoe adventure, but rather one where you will get semi-frequent ammo/fuel/market access.

    Take what you think you will need for your initial focus, whether it be mining (Intensive Refinery for example), Sleeper PVE (Ship Maintenance Array), etc. Corp Hangar seems to always be applicable and I have never deployed without both the corp hangar and ship maintenance array, as I bring different ships for different tasks (PVE ships, scanning ships, Gas/Roid mining ships, Repair ships, etc.). If your initial deployment lacks something, then find a suitable exit and run to market.

    Regardless, my first trip always includes 2 weeks of fuel and enough ammo to last twice that long (ammo is comparatively lightweight).

    Only other thing I am really harping on these days is a basic probing alt to stay logged-off in your POS whilst you are otherwise out of system.

    Best of luck and keep in touch with updates!

  10. I have to agree wholeheartedly about the dedicated scanning alts. I have three accounts and at this point I have 4 dedicated scanning alts. If you take about 8 hours of training away from the main toon on the account you can have a good frigate with grav rigs and Sisters probes. This will find about any site. I have only struggled with some Radar and Mag sites in higher class systems. When you create these characters just remember to remap right away, it makes a huge difference.

    In regards to the WH sigs lasting more then their time, I would agree that if there is any K162 activity in my wormhole I assume the statics are "opened" and deal with them accordingly.


  11. been in a C4 since August. It has been my experience that anoms will persist forever. Unless someone initiates a warp to them.

    I had a neighboring hostile corp scan down and warp to 28 sigs in my system. They all crashed at once a few days later. On test Devs stated they put in a mechanic to discourage static farming. That mechanic came into play when all my sigs fell.

    For a period of 12 days absolutely nothing spawned, and the hole went dead. This has also been the experience of other corps.

    Once the hole started up again, it continued at its usual pace. We've now kept the same three mag sites up since to keep our system going. Those sites have been in place for months now.