Monday, December 7, 2009

Topped off on Fuel and ISK Tally

A HighSec exit was opened by someone late last night, so I took the opportunity to go for a market run with the rest of my loot and to return with extra fuel and supplies.

I now have nearly 60 days of POS fuel and am well stocked on Scourge Fury and Navy Antimatter, as well as other misc. supplies. Forgot the exotic dancers on this trip, but maybe next time...

Total ISK tally to date for this new POS home: 1.2B ISK. It has been just 9 days since I moved into this system and of these, only 5 times online, so based on rough hourly totals, I would estimate somewhere between 15-20 hours online in the last 9 days, placing the ISK/hour rate at about 60M. Not that I give a damn about hourly ISK yield any more, but so many people want to measure based on this I replied to a few comments that I would try to post on it.

Last night also saw the spawning of another non-static D382 (Class 2 WH) - these seem to be pretty rare, but again confirms (prior comment threads) that non-static, non-inbound/K162 WH's do occasionally spawn.

Fly Safe!

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