Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Industrial Ship "Demolition"

So if you have ever read my in-game bio or my blog, you would see that I am decidedly the friendlier type of pilot. In past encounters with WH visitors, I try to be helpful and/or express interest in learning about their experiences. I am not in the habit of ganking unsuspecting W-space travelers.

That being said, today I ran across an Industrial in the adjoining C2, which was literally in the middle of nowhere. I scanned down the ship, warped-to at range in my Covops, cloaked.

The industrial was just sitting there, occupied. I tried opening up a conversation, but only after a while did the pilot respond. At that time, I asked why he/she was simply sitting in space. The pilot replied that he/she had no probe launcher and had no exit.

I offered to provide an exit...

But no response. Actually, the pilot closed the chat session. Hmmm. OK, try local. Offer an exit bookmark again. No response. I extended the proverbial olive branch and did not get a response. OK, this pilot needs a trip home and is unresponsive - sounds like he needs a clone-express. So, I send in my Drake, fitted with a warp scram, and tackle/destroy the ship and the pod. Not exactly PvP, but the pilot needed a trip home...and got one.

A single friendly gesture would have been rewarded with a BM drop right on the spot - there was a HighSec and LowSec exit in the system at the time. Alas, even in space people are socially challenged?

Fly Safe!


  1. The phrase "prat" comes to mind!

    You just cant help some people...

  2. Odd story. No response could have meant the person was afk but closing the convo? If it was a disconnect emergency warp would have given that away. Oh well, his loss then, if it was me who was stuck I'd be quite thankful.

  3. You are so kind, the evil thing to do would be leaving him hanging there :)

    Strange why he would snub ye off..

  4. Got podded in my C3 WH this past weekend. Was watching a T3 ship orbiting a WH to null sec. I was in my SB cloaked watching him go roundy round. Next thing I knew, I was decloaked, targeted & scrambled. Woke up in my clone in K space...which it was you that I had met lol.

    Wil Ricker

  5. Star,

    Would love to chat with you ingame. Have not seen you mention your screen name here, but I have a few toons I would not mind posting their names.

    As for trying to help, I have found those "living" in w-space to be very friendly. Its those "visiting" that seem to cause the most issues.


  6. Mick - I have posted them various times:

    Star Defender

    Maressa - Trying to keep the blog PG-13 rated, so will not approve that comment, sorry. Quite a vent on work experience though...

  7. lol! Star Defender got some blood on his hands! what happened to Mr. Niceguy? I am shocked! shocked!! :-ppp

  8. Quiv - Yep, I tried being nice, but... The taste of blood still lingers... ;-P

  9. As I new player I can understand his reluctance to com. All I hear is dont trust anyone! ;)
    He was probably paranoid. Its a hard game to learn

  10. I would have dropped the BM's in a can and then abbandoned it. just my 2c

    also thank you for an awsome blog. with it a couple friends and i have ventured into a c2 and are making a go of it.