Tuesday, December 8, 2009

EVE T3 Cruiser Production

(aka Me wants Tengu!)

Funny how you begin looking at EVE after a few years. I have reached a point where I have now stocked up Billions of ISK and care less about risk and efficiency, and more about broadening my experiences - production has always fascinated me, so what better path than T3... I want my Tengu!

A quick skill check today shows me a mere 30 days from completing all skill necessary for my Tengu construction, including Hulls. This was a bit of a shock. Here is what the relevant skills look like by mid-January:
  • Industry V
  • Electronics V
  • Jury Rigging V
  • Science V
  • Mechanic V
  • Navigation V
  • Production Efficiency V
  • Missile Launcher Operation V
  • Shield Operation V
  • Cruiser Construction V
  • Frigate Construction IV
  • Caldari Defensive Systems IV
  • Caldari Electronic Systems IV
  • Caldari Engineering Systems IV
  • Caldari Offensive Systems IV
  • Caldari Propulsion Systems IV
  • Caldari Starship Engineering IV
I already had the first group of "core" manufacturing skills to level V some time ago, which leaves the bulk of the training plan to dedicated construction skills and the T3 skills. Since I am constructing in W-space, the Mass Production skills are not really applicable.

I may end up buying some of the Polymers and BPC's on the market, but I decided I needed a new goal other than simply growing the wallet and the most efficient ISK yield of C2 and C3 W-space. I want to experience the full line, but if I see that researching or reverse engineering simply looks untenable, then I will take the occasional shortcut.

Sidenote: The craziest thing I discovered is that although T3 was born of Apocrypha and Wormholes, you cannot actually assemble the T3 ship in W-space! You have to attach Subsystems to the Hull in-station. Now if there was anything that sounded like an oversight, not being able to completely assemble my T3 in W-space (after constructing all necessary parts there) seems to be obvious.

CCP - I never whine about mechanics, but give us the ability to take the final 1 yard step to the goal in W-space...

Fly Safe!


  1. Errrr no that's not quite right...

    Tech 3 Components Manufacturing:

    Related Skills: Industry V, Mechanical Engineering II, Electromagnetic Physics II, High Energy Physics II, Graviton Physics II, Plasma Physics II (Each BPO requires combinations of these)

    Tech 3 Hull Manufacturing:

    Related Skills: Cruiser Contruction V, Industry V, Mechanical Engineering IV, RACIAL Starship Engineering V

    Tech 3 Subsystems Manufacturing:

    Related Skils: Cruiser Construction IV, Jury Rigging V, RACIAL Starship Engineering IV & also the following:

    Offensive Subsystems: Plasma Physics IV, Offensive Subsystem Technology I

    Defensive Subsystems: Electromagnetic Physics IV, Defensive Subsystem Technology I

    Electronics Subsystems: Electronic Engineering IV, Electronics Subsystem Technology I

    Engineering Subsystems: Mechanical Engineering IV, Engineering Subsystem Technology I

    Propulsion Subsystems: Graviton Physics IV, Propulsion Subsystem Technology I

    I am not sure if you ommited some of the above skills that you already have, but for one you need the Caldari Starship Eng at V not IV to make the hull..

    Also you haven't included the list of skills needed to produce the T3 components..

    And lastly, note I haven't included the skills you need for Reverse Engineering the T3 pieces...

  2. Great Blog!

    Ok, now to the point. I agree it sucks you can't assemble a T3 Cruiser in Space. It seems like they were not paying full attention when they did this. I wonder if they can allow it so you have to be in a POS (near the ship maint thingy).

    Ah well, happy gaming!

  3. Thanks for the correction on the T3 Hulls - I will make that change in the post. Most of the others were simply absent because they were not added to my skill plan (i.e. they are already trained up). On some T3 components, correct - some of these I plan on not building, but rather buying. Fluid plan at the moment. I might start with the automotive model and simply buy most of the components and just construct from them, then pick and choose which pieces I want to build -vs- buy.

    Have you looked at build -vs- buy on some components and established a list that you think is better to buy instead of building?

  4. Hey,

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write a great continuing blog! It is wonderfully done, and a joy to read.


  5. Q: "Have you looked at build -vs- buy on some components and established a list that you think is better to buy instead of building?"

    A: Not really, no. The only real bottleneck of the whole production at them moment are the Melted Nanoribbons. We got plenty of the other components and if we where to buy the ribbons off the market, our profits would lower.

    It's also important to take under account that in some cases, the intermediade product will be at produced at a loss compared to selling the raw materials and buying the component. That's true for some of the Hybrid Polymers as well as some of the finished T3 Subsystems as well.

    However, keeping track and updating your stock based on market changes can be a full time job. We simply build what we need and then what gives the maximum profit at that's that :-)

  6. Star,

    Getting ready to go into W-space on our first extended stay.

    Could you quickly cover for me the reaction process. I want to make sure I have everything covered and don't miss a piece of the puzzle and end up needed another silo or something to process the gases into hybrid polymers.


  7. Mick - there is a post here - check out the video link - the page there covers it nicely in terms of listing out the requirements and there is also a video walk-through. Can be a little tricky - I link all processes and then online the silos FYI.

    Good luck!

  8. Grrr - did not link - here it is:


  9. Thanks Star,

    I read a bunch of guides and they only made it worse.

  10. Hey! I'm not sure if this blog/site is still active, but I have a question. I recently moved into a C2 and I was wondering, in terms of T3 production, can I find everything I need to produce one in a C2? I've heard that hulls can only be found in C3's and higher..